Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program

PCSP 2020

City of God, City of Man: Christianity and politics


City of God, City of Man

The third annual Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program kicks off July 6th, 2020 for a two-week seminar investigating the relationship between Christianity and politics. In the midst of an election year, we invite high school juniors and seniors to step away from the noise of frenzied American politics, and to ask the permanent questions.

For millennia, Catholic thinkers have wrestled with questions about the relationship between faith and politics and the role of religion in public life. These questions are buried in contemporary politics, but they lurk beneath the surface. They rear their heads when we consider our options as citizens in a worldly republic.

Meeting some of the greatest minds of the Catholic and western tradition, we will ask these questions. Studying with professors from St. Charles Seminary and local Catholic universities, we will discuss the great texts and ideas that have helped Catholics consider their role in public life.