Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program

Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program 2020

City of God, City of Man

Announcing PCSP 2020!

“City of God, City of Man: Christianity and politics”

Our third annual Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program will take place July 6-16, 2020. In the midst of an election year and overrun run by the frenzied hysteria of contemporary politics, we invite high school junior and senior males in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to step back and ask crucial questions. During a two-week, residential, college-accredited summer program, young men will consider the relationship between faith and politics. What is my role as a Catholic and as a citizen? How should my Catholic faith affect my political choices? Does religion have anything to do with politics?

While the media and the political commentary will spin their wheels, avoiding deeper questions, Philadelphia Catholic Scholars will read timeless texts and wrestle with the enduring questions facing Catholics. Reading thinkers like Aristotle, Cicero, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and learning about figures like Saint Thomas More and Dorothy Day, scholars will grow deeper in their faith as they discover the intellectual resources of the Church — and the way her greatest witnesses asked and answered these most important questions.


Philadelphia’s only high school summer program educating young men in Catholic thought and culture...

The Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program is a residential, college-accredited summer program, offering young men in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia a robust introduction to the great intellectual and spiritual heritage of the Church.

In discussion-based seminars, led by seminary and university professors, participants will study the great texts that have formed our cultural and intellectual inheritance – all in pursuit of emerging as well-formed Catholic men with a rich and integrated understanding of Catholic thought and life.

Combining rigorous study with a robust participation in the prayer life of the Church – as well as weekend cultural excursions to Philadelphia – the PCSP brings young Catholic men into conversation with the riches of the Catholic tradition, inviting them to come to understand and live their faith more profoundly.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
— Romans 2:12


Where do you fit in the city of God and the city of man?