Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program

Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program 2019

Truth, Beauty, Goodness

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Join us July 8-18 to dig into the great texts of the Catholic tradition, and to draw nearer to God through prayer, study, and recreation!


A new high school summer program educating young men in Catholic thought and culture...

The Philadelphia Catholic Scholars Program is a residential, college-accredited summer program, offering young men in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia a robust introduction to the great intellectual and spiritual heritage of the Church.

In discussion-based seminars, led by seminary and university professors, participants will study the great texts that have formed our cultural and intellectual inheritance – all in pursuit of emerging as well-formed Catholic men with a rich and integrated understanding of Catholic thought and life.

Combining rigorous study with a robust participation in the prayer life of the Church – as well as weekend cultural excursions to the art museum and the Cathedral – the PCSP brings young Catholic men into conversation with the riches of the Catholic tradition, inviting them to come to understand and live their faith more profoundly.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
— Romans 2:12


Discover our rich and vibrant heritage

The Catholic tradition is overflowing with great minds and great saints eager to form our minds and ignite our hearts. At the PCSP, we will dig deeply into many of the great texts that have influenced our Church and our world, and we will meet, as our teachers, the great minds of the Catholic and western intellectual tradition.

Join us for PCSP 2019 where we will engage with the great minds of the Catholic and western tradition, and see what they have to teach us about truth, beauty, and goodness.

Journeying back 2,500 years, we will meet Socrates as Plato teaches us about the role of beauty in a life-well lived — that means a life conformed to the truth.

From there, come with us to meet his great student, Aristotle, who will show us that the good and the true always come together — to seek one is to seek the other.

Leaping ahead more than 1,500 years, we will dwell with the Angelic Doctor, the Dumb Ox — Saint Thomas Aquinas who will give us a theory of beauty as he aspires to find the truth about God in his Summa Theologiae.

As we journey through time, we will come up to Pope Saint John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists,” and we will learn the importance of beauty for our day.

There is a great conversation conducted by the great minds of our tradition, inviting you to meet them and to face the challenges and the beauty they place before us.

These great minds call each of us—will you accept?